The “edge” is defined as a line or border at which a surface terminates. Although that may be where professional photographer Barry Gossage resides the majority of his time, his roots and talents extend much deeper than the surface.A natural since he picked up his first camera, Gossage has molded himself into one of the most sought-after photographers in Arizona. With over twenty years of experience under his bandana, Gossage has developed a unique knack for action sports, fashion and product types of photography. Blending his keen eye and discriminative style with a refreshing sense of perfection, Gossage has blazed a formidable path in the photography industry.

Upon attending Arts Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Gossage began working in a studio and more specifically, in the darkroom. Although the digital age has made a darkroom almost obsolete, Barry accredits the traditional photo development process as a critical component of his skill set and a strong influence in his love for black and white photography.

Proving that destiny often does the choosing, Gossage received destiny’s knock in the form of the NBA back in 1989. The first NBA game he was ever hired to shoot professionally – which was coincidentally the first NBA game he had ever attended – featured a matchup between Magic Johnson’s Lakers and Michael Jordan’s Bulls.

That was only topped by signing his first full-time gig as a team photographer with the Orlando Magic in 1992. As a rookie photographer, he was able to chart his career in the NBA with another fellow rookie in Orlando: future Hall of Famer and friend, Shaquille O’Neal.

The two would work together for years as they both made their way around the NBA, with Gossage eventually finding a home in Phoenix in 1996. In his lengthy career, Gossage has shot for nearly every major sports magazine in the country, including Slam and ESPN the Magazine.

He’s shot the NBA Finals, the MLB All-Star Game, the World Series and in 1995, and his work even appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. As a team employee of the Arizona Diamondacks and the Suns, he’s accumulated three championship rings: one with the D-Backs and two with the Mercury.

With an illustrious sports resume under his belt, Gossage has now evolved into opening full-service photography studio in Phoenix called “Studio 3D.” The space is named after Gossage’s business partner, current NBA player and photo enthusiast, Boris Diaw.

At “Studio 3D,” Gossage has expanded his repertoire to include fashion shoots, product and people portraits.

Aside from his passion in photography, Gossage incorporates his edgy attitude into his other interests, which include riding choppers, surfing, cruising in his Ford Galaxy 500 and skateboarding. His counter-culture style and rebellious flair have even been passed down to his to his offspring; Nate, who is 24 and Makenzie, who is 16.